Jennifer A. Miller, MD

Dr. Jennifer Miller is a Bay Area native who has had the dream of caring for local patients as a doctor since early in childhood. Dr. Miller has focused her education locally as well, obtaining her degree with distinction in Human Biology at Stanford where she received numerous awards related to her lifelong medical focus and tireless (and very successful) work in social entrepreneurship.

While at Stanford, Jennifer co-founded and directed the now largest student run pre-med group at Stanford (S.C.O.P.E.) and began forming connections with almost every medical specialty. She was awarded the Dean’s Award for public service for co-founding the Courage Project, several overseas clinics (e.g. Honduras and Dharmasala), the Happiness Science Project, and BeAGoodDoctor.Org. Dr. Miller was subsequently awarded a Fulbright scholarship for these efforts and completed a public health internship in Roatan, Honduras, before enrolling in Medical School at Stanford. In Honduras, Jennifer gained an appreciation of the importance and value of spending quality time with patients. She values getting to know her patients as people first and foremost, and working with them in partnership toward their unique goals and overall health and wellness.

During medical school, Jennifer also continued to grow BeAGoodDoctor’s influence internationally by co-founding KaeMe, which is helping the orphan care system in Ghana, and broadened the organization's clinical connections to UCSF and other national medical schools.

Dr. Miller continued her holistic approach to medicine during her Stanford Internal Medicine training. At Stanford she was known for going the extra mile with a smile for patients and colleagues alike, and for her thorough and compassionate care. Dr. Miller has been a member of the American Academy of Private Physicians since residency and realized early she wanted to focus on an integrated primary care in a setting which would enable her to provide the highest quality and attention in her patient interactions.

Dr. Miller was formally recognized by Stanford for her “clinical judgment, leadership, teaching and kindness” with the Julian Wolfsohn award on graduation. At Stanford's Internal Medicine Clinic, Jennifer had a special focus on geriatric vibrancy, and optimal health at all ages. Jennifer's clinical interests continue to lie in integrative medicine and promotion of health as equal to the prevention and treatment of illness. She has served as an advisor to innovative medical companies and has access to many cutting-edge medical technologies. Dr. Miller has an enthusiasm for yoga, meditation, frozen yogurt, hiking, teaching, red wine with friends, and quality time with patients.

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