The Concierge Medicine model fosters both therapeutic excellence and personal patient service by providing time for all involved. By caring for 250 rather than 2500 patients, your doctor can spend the time to build a meaningful relationship with you and your family. Bureaucracy is minimized by eliminating interactions with the insurance industry. Finally, your physician can truly be your advocate, both in sickness and in health.

In 1996, two primary care physicians who also cared for a local professional basketball team were struck with the differences in both patient as well as provider satisfaction in their two practices. The primary care practice was struggling under the bureaucratic and financial pressures facing all independent medical practices where as the smaller “retainer fee” based team practice was thriving – a decision was made to offer the same services to a subset of their primary care practice patients and the first “concierge medicine” practice was born.

Concierge Medicine practices are now found nationally and have been universal successes for Concierge Physicians and their clients. In 2003 the American Society of Concierge Physicians was founded for the purpose of furthering the needs of Concierge Physicians and their patients. Locally, The Village Doctor program is available to a limited number of discerning clients who value family, wellness, peace of mind, and time. A new health care model has been born which is redefining primary health care as we know it.

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